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  1. Interact with the brightest minds in the country!
  2. Be a role model.
  3. Boost your resume.
  4. Truly make a difference
  5. Make Life-long friendships.
  6. Expand your network and attend mind-bending classes!
  7. Hone your leadership skills.

Being a part of ASSET Summer Programme team is a full-time, paid internship opportunity that will help you live a story worth telling others! Whether at interviews or around a dinner table, you will learn a lot about yourself as you participate in fun activities and thought provoking lectures. By the end of the summer you will be able to look back and be proud of all that you did this summer!

Ready to work hard and make a difference?!

Job Description

Resident Coaches (RCs) help create a community that encourages and supports intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and a joy for learning. Each RC supervises a group of 12-14 students of the same gender and ensures that the students follow the programme rules and expectations. RCs ensure the physical and emotional safety of students, and develop a fun, dynamic, and engaging program for the participants. RCs' working hours are primarily the hours students are not in class, including weekends. Prior to beginning employment, applicants are required to have successfully completed a minimum of one year of college. Experience as a camp counselor, college resident assistant, or similar position is preferred. Applicants who demonstrate creativity in their activity planning are highly desired.

RCs organize activities for students on a daily basis for a diverse group of students. The activities range from sports like Basketball, Football, Cricket, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee to creative activities like Improvs, photography, painting, dance, and much more. Each RC is expected to come up with several interesting activities every week that appeal to students.

The RCs stay in the same hostel as the students and are responsible for supervising them at all times except when the students are in class (Class Timings: 9 AM to 4 PM & 8 PM to 9 PM Mon - Fri. On Saturdays, students attend class for half a day only). RCs serve as a positive role model for the students and provide a conducive and comfortable environment for the students to live and thrive in at the programme.

Who can apply?

  1. Inter-personal skills
  2. Creativity
  3. Presence of mind
  4. Compassion
  5. Empathy
  6. Maturity to deal with children
  7. Personal talents - singing, dancing, oration, and so on

In general, the RC must have qualities that the students can look up to. Last year, we overheard one student remark, "You know the Senior RC? She's fantastic. Smart and awesome. I want to be like her when I grow up!"

Essentially, we are looking for potential role models!

Job Description

Teaching Assistants (TAs) will be attached to a main instructor who teaches a specific course and are expected to understand the course content and interact with the instructor a few times prior to the start of the course. The primary responsibilities of TAs are- teaching students; assisting with the class paperwork; setting up experiments/activities; preparing for and cleaning up after laboratory sessions; teaching the class as requested by the instructor; supervising late afternoon/evening class sessions; helping with administrative tasks such as typing and photocopying; and generally helping to ensure that the class runs smoothly. TAs also assist with general site administrative tasks, particularly on the student arrival and departure days, but occasionally at other times during the session. Time to time the TAs have to spend extra time with the students in order to provide them differentiated learning.

Who can apply?

  1. Subject matter expertise
  2. Maturity to deal with students
  3. General interest in teaching
  4. Experience in teaching/handling students from grades 7 to 9
  5. Be able to make learning fun - innovative in teaching
  6. Empathetic
  7. Resourceful in helping instructors out with their lesson plans/execution

In general, having personal experiences in the field of study would be ideal. Last year, there was a TA who conducted research on deep-sea creatures near Andaman. Students were very excited to hear their stories!

Job Description

The role is about showcasing the programme to all internal and external stakeholders. The Social Media Manager will ensure all participants have a record of their memories from the camp! Your specific role may include the following:

  1. Maintain Social Media accounts associated with us.
    Coordinate the creation of digital content (e.g. website, Facebook posts, Live streaming, blogs, press releases) for ASSET Summer Programme.
  2. Provide daily and weekly updates to parents about course specific and academic activities during the ASSET Summer Programme in the form of videos and short articles.
  3. Provide daily and weekly updates to parents about co-curricular and fun activates happening during the ASSET Summer Programme in the form of videos and short articles.
  4. Have basic knowledge of Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and other social media tracking. As well as experience with writing and posting content on the Internet.
  5. Oversee the creation of the "Graduation Book" at the end of the programme, which includes collecting content from RCs and TAs, coordinating the design process and coordinating with vendor for printing.
  6. Create videos at the end of the programme which capture:
    a. Student Testimonials
    b. Parent Testimonials
    c. Instructor/Staff/RC/TA Testimonials
    d. Overall Experience at the Programme
  7. Engaging with External Agencies like Design Firms, Printing, Logistics and other External Vendors for other collaterals made during the programme.

For the position of Social Media Manager we are looking for:

  1. Knowledge of, or Experience in managing Social Media accounts
  2. Creativity
  3. Comfortable using design software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator etc. and/or comfortable using video editing software like Final Cut Pro etc.
  4. Must own at least your own basic Camera and Photography equipment
  5. Confidence using cameras for photography and/or videography

It will be an advantage if you have previously worked in a similar role or can share graphic designs/videos made by you.

Job Description

The Admin assistant works directly with the Director of Administration to ensure the site office is running in a smooth manner. The tasks may include the following:

  1. Internal communication: Write and distribute email, correspondence memos, place printing orders etc.
  2. Maintaining invoicing system: Update and maintain office bills in register and in system
  3. Managing Order/purchase of supplies: Conduct research on local suppliers and coordinate supply and delivery of materials
  4. Record Keeping: Maintain records or deliveries received and coordinate with transport department for trips/events etc. Assists in purchase orders and invoicing. Submit and reconcile expense reports
  5. Travel Arrangements: Book travel arrangements for guests and visitors etc.
  6. Assist with medical emergencies: Coordinate with residential group during medical emergencies
  7. Customer Service support: Answers phone calls and transfers them as necessary. Maintain a record of incoming calls.
  8. Support other teams: With Drafts, formats, and printing of relevant documents.

Who can apply?

  1. Working knowledge of office equipment, like printers and fax machines
  2. Proficiency in MS Office (MS Excel and MS Word, in particular)
  3. Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work
  4. Attention to detail and problem solving skills
  5. Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  6. Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task

Job Description

The Senior Resident Coach is an integral part of Residence and Site teams. The Senior Resident Coach assists the Residence Director with daily program operations by directly supervising all residential staff.

Detailed responsibilities include, but are not limited to, items listed under specific duties.

Specific Duties:

  1. Student Supervision: Coordinate residential staff in the organization and facilitation of student supervision.
  2. Staff Supervision:Supervise the residential staff. This involves providing ongoing feedback and initiating disciplinary action when necessary.
    In conjunction with the Residence Director, oversee residential matters for the duration of the program, including transportation, maintenance, student housing, dining, and recreation.
  3. Assist in Staff Training: Organize and assist in training for residential staff before each term. Help prepare orientation materials for residential staff.
  4. Conduct Administrative Duties: Maintain responsibility for the safety, cleanliness, and security of the residence hall.

Who can apply?

For the position of Senior Resident Coach we are looking for:

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Inter-personal skills
  3. Presence of mind
  4. Empathy
  5. Maturity to deal with children
  6. Personal talents - singing, dancing, oration, and so ons

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